COVID-19: Restrictions on outdoor events in Scotland to be lifted from Monday | UK News

COVID-19: Restrictions on outdoor events in Scotland to be lifted from Monday | UK News

COVID restrictions on large outdoor events in Scotland will be lifted from Monday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced.

Since Boxing Day there has been a limit of 500 people at outdoor events.

Lifting the cap will allow football fans to return to Scottish Premiership matches next week, while Six Nations fixtures at Murrayfield will go ahead with full attendance next month.

Ms Sturgeon said it was “reasonable and right to be hopeful” about the country’s latest COVID data, but added it was “prudent to remain careful and cautious”.

The first minister said the COVID certification scheme will remain in place for these and other events and venues previously covered, but with two important changes:

  • Organisers of large events of 1,000 or more people should check the certification status of at least 50% of attendees rather than the current 20%
  • From Monday, the requirement to be fully vaccinated for the purposes of corporate certification will include having a booster if the second dose was more than four months ago

Ms Sturgeon added that it will also be possible to order updated paper and PDF copies of vaccination status, which are valid for three months.

And it will still be possible to gain admission to events and venues covered by the certification scheme by providing proof of a recent negative lateral flow test.

“I hope this will allow us to lift the other protective measures limits on indoor live events, table service and hospitality, and distancing in indoor public places from 24 January,” she said, adding she would confirm this in a statement next week.

She also said that the Scottish government would continue to consider if the vaccine passport scheme should be extended to include other venues.

On current measures, Ms Sturgeon said that the requirement to face coverings in indoor public places and to work from home when possible “will remain in place for now”.

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