The Soul Show With Marcus Hayes

This Soul Show “Special” is a reflection of the Ladies of Soul. A taster of fine quality Soul Music from the 20th and 21st Century from the likes of: Chaka Khan; Jill Scott; Nancy Wilson; The Jackson Sisters; Paulette Reeves; Angela Johnson; Lauryn Hill and so much more.


On the show, I play soul, funk, boogie, jazz, jazz-funk, fusion latin and sometimes other types of music that have passed the Soul Show criteria.


How did you get into this type of music? From listening to radio at an early age, I began to listen to soul, then disco, and moved into jazz funk and latin jazz.


My humble respect goes out to those ground breaking DJs as well as those presenters from radio stations that brought an array of music to the airwaves in the ‘70s and’80s. They were instrumental in educating me musically. A big mention to Michael Aspel – Capital Radio… a presenter, he had a style all of his own and using Azymuth’s “Jazz Carnival” at the start of his show, superb…..nuff respect.


Who is your favourite artist/song? Far too many good artists and way too many good songs to narrow it down to just one.

Where do you shop for music? I try to get out to shops or record fairs when I have time, but I mainly use online services –; and


Have you been mistaken for anyone? On occasions, young kids think I’m a children’s television entertainer:-Dave Benson-Phillips (…….you decide!!


Do you know anyone famous? Yes……but they don’t know me.